Running Dry


Running Dry is one of four original pieces in the Opposites Collide Series.

The piece takes its inspiration from the clashing of western culture and product on the Himba Tribe in Namibia. The subject of the piece is positioned on one side of the canvas with her milking bag and a classic time piece the only other item on the matte background. This draws in the viewer making them question the placement and then the relevance. The hourglass hints at the seemingly inevitable loss of the culture of this tribe through westernisation.

Original Painting – SOLD

SIZE:  30 x 30 inches

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas

Mounted Print

SIZE: 50 x 50cm

DETAIL: 1 of 10 limited edition prints are available of each of the original works in this series which are mounted in white card and wrapped in cellophane ready to be framed.



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